The Goats of Providence

The “Old Goats” of Providence

Providence’s “old goats” have been there for a while.  Stuart since 1980 and Gary, we think, since about 2005.  The above photo was taken by Darrell May at Emma and Damian’s wedding party day  (both being official guests).

But Christmas saw the arrival of a new goat “Fred” named after his predecessor who was stolen and cruelly starved such that when we finally found him he had permanent organ damage and we could do little other than euthanase him.  A very sad moment.

Fred was the gift of Emma and Damo’ and he has been placed in a prominent place and brings a lot of Joy and smiles.  However, I doubt that he will be as effective at clearing blackberries and crack willows as is Gary, who must now be well past 12 years old.

Emma and Damo's Christmas present



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