Tom and Ally “Hit the Wall”

Open lyre Chardonnay – canopy separated

Tom and Ally “Hit the Wall”

This time of the year at Providence signifies the approaching end of the high growth period for the vine canopies.  The most difficult one to manage are the “Open Lyre” trellises developed in France at the University of Bordeaux – viticulturally close to perfect for Tasmanian conditions but a management nightmare!  The only way to open up the centres of the lyre is to get inside the trellis.  The second photo shows the battle Tom and Ally had to sort the canes!

This is the last block to be separated  this year and will be hedged on Saturday (25 Jan).  Hedging is the last major task before we net the vineyard for bird protection (the grapes, decease not the birds!). This will take place the first week in March.







No job can be done well without “supervision!

The “Supervisor” Astra

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