What is “Climate Change” doing to Providence?

Providence Vineyards has been in the Bryce family since 1980.  Over this time we have been recording the dates of significant events, or the first signs thereof, such as bud burst (usually third week in September); flowering: 5 December; colour change in the Pinot Noir (veraison for the experts!): 9 February.  This year veraison was 11 February, bud burst: 21 September and flowering 6 December.  Whilst over a seven-year period ending in 2010 we experienced a ‘shift’ in the season, with these events occurring nearly two week’s earlier, we are back to where it’s always been, in fact, a little late even!

I must say that observing these events in the vineyard is still as exciting as it was the first time and I guess it always will be for me.


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