Vintage 2013

Let me state that 2013 was a big improvement on at least the last five years. We picked 3.7 tonnes of Chardonnay and 4.9 tonnes of Pinot Noir.  Quality?  The fruit was in excellent condition, try thanks to the complete exclusion of birds, which also meant no wasps, as despite some opposing views, the wasps wait for the birds to breach the fruit so they can get their fill.

The Music School Team

We picked Chardonnay on 13th April and Pinot on 21st.  We remain grateful to that magic team of staff, parents and students of the Launceston Church Grammar School Music School, led by stalwarts, Barry Dudgeon and Sherryn Hepher.  Since 2001 we have had this magnificent arrangement with Grammar and long may it continue.

Now, to the fruit.  excellent flavour but with a higher pH than we would have liked.  But, nevertheless, both wines will be of very good quality.  Unfortunately, we lost the Riesling, which suffered from the 130 mm of rain we received over two days on 21 and 22 April.  The Botrytis infection would have made picking good fruit virtually impossible.  No point in making a wine that compromises the brand

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