Interlopers in the Vineyard!

Nesting peacefully in the Open Lyre Pinot is this clutch of blackbirds.  They will grow up on a diet of fresh grapes.  However, they are very tidy birds, completely finishing a grape before moving on to the next, leaving nothing to the detriment of the wine.  Because they sing so sweetly in the mornings we leave them alone and accept the losses.  On the other hand, pesky silvereyes are very messy eaters, piercing their target grape once only then moving on to the next thus creating aerobic fermentation of bunches.  They don’t nest in the vineyard, they are the original fly in-fly out (FIFO) birds!

Baby Blackbirds

Resident Grape munchers!

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  1. Brian Nichols ex La Provence says:

    Hi Brenda, havent forgetten you. Have found 2 photos showing the old house, still looking for the original aerial shot. I have 2 bottles of original wine by Miquet but its signed by Reynolds. Will email image if any good to you. Did have anoriginal bottle but cant find, will ask our 2 daughters . Will keep serching
    Cheers Brian & Sandra Nichols Brisbane

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