Champagne at a Tasmanian Vineyard??

Our first recycle day after Christmas is next Tuesday.  The bin is nearly full and a few of the bottles are Moet Chandon.  Moet at Christmas has been a Bryce tradition since 1963 when my mother, this site Peggy Bryce, purchase bought a case of it that year.  As in every year since, we started with fish and Moet for breakfast.  In lean years we would resort to fish fingers but never gave up on the Moet!  Now this may sound a bit unpatriotic that a Tasmanian wine producer, who has had past difficulties with the French would drink champagne but I have to admit, that is one of the few things the French are still doing better than are we, although the gap has been closing rapidly over the past decade.  Tasmanian sparkles produced by my colleagues is a great drink and we manage to dispose of quite a lot throughout the year, in particular Jansz, a near neighbour at Pipers Brook, which is the only sparkles we serve at functions at Providence.  Although tempted on several occasions to make a sparkle the difficulty is in the cost of a small production and the time it takes to get a return.  So we will leave it to the likes of Robert Hill-Smith et al!

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