Winter Management Blues

This is the busiest time of the year for a vineyard and seeing as Gary the Goat doesn’t have a current RSA (responsible serving of Alcohol) cellar door opening is less frequent.  Yes, we have done the pre-pruning spray to control the mildew that affected our yield.  We have finished pruning and pulling out the canes but the weather has brought us to our knees.  The ground is so wet that we can’t risk a tractor and mulcher in the rows.  This will have to wait until we get at least five dry days in a row.  The pre-budburst sprays (weedicide and fungicide) can’t be done until the rows are clear.  Our soil is mostly clay, so you can imagine the mess we would make trying to operate machinery in these conditions.  Fortunately, and I say this with some reservation, the plethora of wallabies are keeping the grass down.  They will also keep the new buds down, particularly the two-bud spurs, which are usually the lowest on the vine and the most important for retaining the shape and growth pattern.  Some work on the fences are required.  In the meantime, please enjoy the fruits of previous season’s labours!  There are some great wines available. Check out the shop for some great Winter drops!

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