Pruning Time

Funny how one continues to learn stuff that makes work easier or better.  I have been pruning this vineyard since 1980, moving from vine to vine and assessing what goes, what stays and which are best as canes and as spurs ( for the season after next).  Always, in the back of my head is my lecturer in viticulture, Max Loder from Stuttgart saying:  “Nein, zat is ein spur!”  Max has never left me, although I finished at Charles Sturt in 1987.  What I have done this year is go around with Felco 8s (manual secateurs) and remove all the stuff that I don’t want for any purpose.  Having done that, I don the electronic Felcos and then pick my canes and spurs.  So, the first round is thinking “no” and the second is “yes”.  That has worked for my ageing brain!

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