Vintage 2014!

The culmination of a year’s efforts on the vineyard has come to an end.  This weekend, not only do I celebrate my birthday but we pick Pinot Noir (Saturday); Chardonnay and Riesling (Sunday). Despite the complications caused by the close proximity of Anzac long weekend and Easter (everybody has nicked off on holidays!) and Tasmania now running a four-term school year, Launceston Grammar Music School has again risen to the cause – the thirteenth year in succession.

The closing weeks of vintage has seen some unkind weather.  ‘Global Cooling’ has prolonged the season, making the accrual of sugars almost negligible and we have had to rely upon ‘hang time’ which reduces the volume in the grapes.  Now that has been a difficult call as well, because it has hardly stopped raining!

The Currawongs are throwing themselves against the sides of the nets, hoping to push them in far enough to get a mouthful of grape.  Very frustrating for them, but tough!  I will be able to stop my stress pills on Sunday night!

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