The Duck Sticks are up!

Duck Sticks?  Well, if you haven’t been to a duck crawl in Melbourne, Sydney or Hong Kong you wouldn’t know.  Two wags, Roy Moorfield and Ron Leslie, started duck crawls in Melbourne some 22 years ago, and what a great way to enjoy a broad variety of duck dishes and Pinot Noir wines.  The “crawl” usually involves three restaurants, all visited in the same lunch hour and, at each restaurant, up to three duck dishes are served, accompanied by three Pinot Noir wines usually from Oz and NZ.  Crawls are also an opportunity to meet the winemakers, who tag along to inform and amuse the guests.  orchestrating the event are Ron and Roy, both carrying the coveted duck sticks and when they are “up” that means the talking is with them and not you!  Providence has been invited to crawls for the past five years.  They are a good marketing exercise but mainly, they are a lot of fun.  At the end of each crawl, Roy and Ron don their “Australian Rosé Alliance” hats and we adjourned to a wine bar for that sole purpose – to enjoy Rosé, made completely dry in the traditional European style.  Providence Rosé is often the wine served.

Roy Morfield commanding silence


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