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Powdery Mildew

Yes, site every year there has been a small infestation of powdery mildew, usually in the open lyre Chardonnay.  However, in early December every block bar two large ones had been damaged by this cussed pest.  Despite rigorous spraying with both protectants and eradicants Powdery has resulted in the write-off of three blocks, with another two on notice.  I suppose this is not too bad, seeing that this is the first such occurrence in the 35 years I have owned the vineyard.  I am not sure how this got away from me, as our application of appropriate sprays has always been diligent to say the least.  Poppies in Tasmania suffered a similar fate at the hands of downy mildew and, like us, controls were limited in their effect.  I have spared you images of the disease as it affects grapevines and the fruit.

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