New shed – new goat – new day

Well, after some five months in the planning and execution, and $6,000 overrun, our new net shed/workshop is finished.

The old net shed, which embraced a pig sty, goat house, net storage and a lot of wasted space was in the state of early collapse.

Our backhoe specialist, Tony, had great fun demolishing it and making it all disappear.

Council approval took some time as we had to modify the original plans to include a retaining wall, as the volume of fill exceeded the 500 mm limit.  This shed will be called “secret men’s business” to match Brenda’s “secret woman’s business” shed where no man dares to tread!

New Goat!

We now have a second goat, Fred (who was male – past tense).  Fred is a noisy but delightful little saanen who was given to us by a neighbour.  He and Gary are getting on well and the blackberry progress has increased significantly.

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