Egon the Engineer

Today’s local paper recorded the passing of Egon, who in his working years was the engineer at a big timber mill in Lilydale.  Like Egon, that has also lapsed.  In my early days at Providence. Egon was a great help to me, making a number of specialised machinery items that allowed me to work in the narrow, 1.5 metre rows.  A German by name and appearance, Egon arrived in Tasmania around 1950 when the Hydro Electric Scheme was in full swing and worked in the tunnel connecting the Trevallyn Dam to the power station at Riverside.  Recognising the mixed, mostly European, workforce working in the tunnel, I had asked Egon how they all got on, considering that WWII ended only five years earlier.  Egon said:  “We re-ran WWII about every second day and the fights were very emotionally charged!”  Egon was well accepted by the Lilydale community and, on one occasion, the then president of the Lilydale RSL, Snowy Turner, invited Egon to march on Anzac Day.  Egon, himself a veteran of WWII, declined the well-meant offer.  Auf wiedersehen Egon.

About Rusty Cook

Born Bushey Herts UK in 1945. Migrated to Australia 1949. Schooled in Launceston Tas. Served in the RAAF 1963-1986 initially as an instrument mechanic, graduating from 64 pilots course in 1968. Service in Vietnam 1971. Graduate: Navy Staff College in 1984. Retired as Wing Commander 1986. Graduate: Charles Sturt University 1987 with BAppSc (Wine Science). A decade of wine politics 1987 - 2007 including state president (Tas) and national vice-president of the Winemakers Federation of Australia. State services member: Veterans Review Board 1991 - 2015 and chairman of Life Education Tasmania Inc 2007 - 2013. Passionate about wine; keen trekker in PNG; military history.
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