65 years young

Today, prescription  3 May 2010, I celebrate my 65th birthday. Just to clear up any misconceptions, that is 65 years young, not old!

Anyone checking my Facebook will notice that I am still well entrenched in my first childhood.

Saving children from dying

Speaking of children, I have taken the reins of Life Education Tasmania Inc.a national organisation dedicated to empowering children to make reasoned decisions about alcohol and other drugs in their lifestyle.

Life Education is about teaching children respect for others, self respect, self esteem and a recognition of their uniqueness as a child.

Life Education has a 30 year history in Australia and is now active in 12 overseas countries.

We save children from dying.

The movement was the brainchild of the late Rev. Ted Noffs of Wayside Chapel fame. Ted, active in the heart of Kings Cross was on record of saying:

I am sick of burying dead kids

He had witnessed so many times the tragic loss of young lives through drugs.

What are we doing about Life Education?

Well, there is this range of mountains in New Guinea called the Finisterre. The Latin scholars amongst you would know that the translation of that is End of the World.

Well, my daughter Emma, her partner, Damian Sharrock, and our mutual friend who walked Kokoda with us in 2008, Gary Hearle from WA, are walking the Finisterre Range and Shaggy Ridge to raise money for Life Education.

For the military historians amongst you, the Finisterre Range embraces Shaggy Ridge, the site of a very significant action by the 7th Division AIF to dislodge the Japanese from New Guinea.

For as much as Kokoda and Milne Bay stopped the Japanese from reaching the Australian mainland in 1942, Shaggy Ridge in 1943 was the first step in their dislodgement.

We will remember them.

Should you wish to assist Life Education Tasmania, please visit www.gofundraise.com.au/trek2010 and give generously.


I had two pieces of news yesterday (2 May).

Firstly, the news that the Federal Government had rejected the recommendations of the Henry Report on wine tax, and rightly so.

Secondly, my youngest daughter, Lisa, based in Kalgoorlie, has taken a new job flogging Jack Daniels!

There you have it!

The daughter of a wine producer bootlegging alcopops, and I know she will be good at it.

Right now I am changing my will, leaving everything to my eldest, and unmarried, daughter Emma and the two goats, Gary and Fred.

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