Pinot Noir or Cab Sav with Chinese Duck ?

Brett Snelson, winemaker with One Day Estate and Ainsworth & Snelson, talked Duckmasters Ron Leslie and Roy Moorfield into convening a Duck Crawl where two Cabernets were included in the into the usually exclusive Noir line-up.  Again, three restaurants were involved, all in Little Burke Street:  Bamboo House, Tea House and Shark Fin House. As usual the fare was fantastic, and so were the wines, which included our 2011 Providence Pinot Noir.  At Shark Fin House we were treated to two Pinots (Providence and One Day Wild) and two Cabernets: 2010 Dalwhinnie and 2013 Ainsworth & Snelson’s Jakob’s Black Magic.  Both cabernets were excellent and swayed the vote, but not enough to overwhelm the Pinot vote.

At the Tea House, we were treated to some pre-release wines from Coldstream Hills: the 2015 Esplanade, Dear Farm, and Hazeldine, which gave us an idea of the effects of altitude in Yarra Valley vineyards.  Much thanks to Ian Thom from Treasury Wine Estates.

Post Duck Crawl gathered at "Madame Brussels"
Post Duck Crawl gathered at “Madame Brussels”

And much thanks to Roy Moorfield and Ron Leslie for keeping the Duck Crawls going, now for over twenty years.  If you are interested in attending one of these events, contact Ron Leslie at

The "One Day Estate" team, Brett Snelson and Allan Day with Duckmaster Ron Leslie
The “One Day Estate” team, Brett Snelson and Allan Day with Duckmaster Ron Leslie

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