The vociferous nature of the European wasps, strong winds dislodging nets and constant bird attacks by Currawongs, Ravens and Silver Eyes has culminated in so much damage that, for the first time in 38 years there will be no vintage at Providence. A disappointing send-off.

Whilst we have had years where powdery mildew has cost us fruit, years where bird damage has excluded fruit from the vintage, we have never had a year like this when the fruit has been ravaged by airborne predators.  If there was a lesson to earn I have yet to figure it out.  I suppose strong winds and rain caused a week’s delay in getting the nets on. Further strong winds unseated the nets several times and permitted nature’s air force to enter the Air Defence Zone (ADIZ).  And I haven’t fired a shot in anger!

Well, the bastards finally got the best of me.