2009 Providence Miguet Tasmanian Pinot Noir


From our vineyard in Lalla on the east of the Tamar River near Lilydale.  The name "Miguet" is strictly reserved for wines whose fruit is 1oo% from Providence, viagra meaning that in the case of Pinot Noir it is monoclonal from the old French clone D5V12.  Miguet is the founder of the wine industry in Tasmania and we only give this name to our reserve Tasmanian Pinot Noir wines that deserve the label.  13% alc/vol, sickness the wine is developing well with age and, with careful cellaring this wine will continue to develop for 8 to 10 years. Halliday states that Pinot should not be drunk unless it is 4-5 years old and we certainly agree!

Tasting notes

A deep royal red wine with an earthy and forest floor nose. Dark cherry and rich plum flavours with a lovely smooth mouth feel.  This wine continues to age well - so typical of Providence wines. They take some time before reaching drinking age then continue to blossom.

Chosen by Rob Geddes for a master class and by Pinot Unearthed for Tasmanian Pinot Noir Tastings.

Food Suggestions

Atlantic salmon, lamb and veal, all the pasta dishes and creamy cheeses. Duck and Rabbit.

Price: $36.00

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