xxNorth East Railway Line – Launceston to Scottsdale

How to turn a Million Asset that could be Train Ready in Months into a Million Asset with zero income.

Turn this:

North East Railway Line – rebuilt in 2004

Into this: ?

Worthless Trash

Trash $40 Million of infrastructure for a $3 Million Cycle Trail? Tasmanian government fully supports the removal of the North East Rail Line to construct a cycle trail. Remove Infrastructure worth over $40 Million in situ and months away from being train ready to build a cycle trail costing $3 Million with a planned income of zero. This is shear bloody minded state sponsored vandalism.

Hi, I’ts Stuart Bryce here, owner of Providence Vineyards in Lalla Tas. I chair the association of North East Residents and Farmers (NERAF), over 350 people who live on or in close proximity of the north east rail line and who vehemently oppose the planned cycle trail on grounds of privacy, security and biosecurity and waste, including human, and who have petitioned the Legislative Council.

The cycle trail will not be monitored; it will be open 24/7 and provide an ideal conduit for miscreants. Not only will police vehicles not be able to negotiate the trail, neither will fire and rescue vehicles. How silly is that?

The proponents of the cycle trail claim 65 bikes each day will reach Scottsdale and that these will be mostly families and the elderly (Dorset Council’s funding submission). These figures and those indicating just how much money will make it to the north east are based upon examples that have a much larger base populations and cannot be accurately separated from travellers arriving at the same destination by other means. These figures are misleading to say the least.

And, how many people can or are able to ride bicycles? Trains on the other hand are non-discriminatory and embrace the entire community. For more details of the plans and assets of Launceston and North East Railway (L&NER) who will be using the line visit their website at: www.facebook.com/dieseltractiontasmania/.

In 2004 the line was assessed as non-commercial. and the main reason was the upgrading of roads in the north east to accommodate B-double trucks. Sadly, Pacific National also closed the line to Tourist and Heritage rail, even though the line had been completely rebuilt in 1994 with heavy duty rails. Importantly, the line was not closed because of its condition. Repairs to restore the line are relatively minimal and will be assisted by many volunteers and donated materials.

If you want to help put your pen to paper! Write to the Minister for Infrastructure, Hon Rene Hidding: rene.hidding@parliament.tas.gov.au The Premier Hon Will Hodgman: will.hodgman@parliament.tas.gov.au The Mayor of Dorset, Councillor Greg Howard: mayorhoward@dorset.tas.gov.au.

Please send me an info copy of your letter to stuart@providence.com.au or mail to me at PO Box 99, Lilydale, Tas 7268.  Enquiries, please phone me on 0419 395 728.

If we do nothing, this piece of history, ground breaking when established in 1888, will be lost forever!