Our Story

The Miguet era 1956-1979

Jean Francois and Cecile Miguet arrived in Australia from France in 1951, sailing from Genoa near the France/Italian border. Jean, the son of a fifth generation winemaker from the famous grape growing regions in SE France brought with him the family’s traditional love of wine and winemaking. He also brought with him a dream of establishing a vineyard with his wife and producing the best Tasmanian wines.
Following an extensive search of Tasmania for a suitable piece of land to grow wine grapes, the Miguets settled on the land known now as Providence Vineyards.
So in 1956 Jean Francois and Cecile Miguet began what was to be known for forty years as La Provence.

Stuart Bryce

The Bryce era 1980 - 2017

The vineyard was eventually sold to Stuart Bryce family in 1980.
Stuart remained committed to the same dream as the Miguets with the Bryce stewardship spanning 39 years. The family remained committed to the production of the best Tasmanian wines.

Current 2018 +

Current owner and vigneron of 30+ years, Rusty Cook purchased the property in December, 2018